Week 38 – Random Things

Week 38 - Random Things

Jody has tagged me for the "16 Random Things About Me" meme. So here goes:

1. When I was a little girl I used to wish I was a boy. I thought boys had it better at the time, but now I realize I much prefer being a woman.

2. My interest in spirals started after a "personal development" exercise I did in a job training class. We had to pick one of four shapes that best described ourselves. I chose a spiral. The way the teacher described those who chose this shape was pretty appropriate to the path I was on at the time, and I’ve loved them ever since.

3. I am really afraid of heights. Despite this I"ve been both hang gliding and ridden in a hot air balloon.

4. My sister and I had many different kinds of pets when we were kids. The list includes: a cat, two dogs, four gerbils, two hamsters, one mouse, two rats, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, one finch, a salamander, and a garter snake. We didn’t have these all at the same time, and the list doesn’t include pets we’ve had as adults.

5. At one point I had a lovely singing voice but it’s grow weak and scratchy from disuse.

6. Two things that go very well together are my love of stationery and my enjoyment of writing letters.

7. If I have candy or chips in the house I have to be careful about hiding them away because I’m not good about rationing.

8. I loved horses so much as a little girl my grandmother decided to pay for riding lessons for me. It was awesome.

9. Despite my interests in self portraiture I don’t really like having my picture taken.

10. My move to Vancouver four and a half years ago was done out of an impulsive need to be somewhere else rather than as a clear plan. I don’t know if I would be capable of such a drastic change again without a plan.

11. In my last and current job I was able to negotiate a four day work week, and have had wednesdays off for about the last two and a half years. I use it to work on my art.

12. Almost all of the people I know in Vancouver I have met because of the internet. Mostly through flickr or because of blogging.

13. I made lemon curd and trifle for the first time ever over the Christmas holidays and it reminded me how enjoyable it can be to make things from scratch.

14. I am often tired or low energy because I have trouble sleeping and I’m also a light sleeper easily disturbed.

15. One of the worst people I ever worked for gave me the best Christmas bonus ever of a five hundred dollar shopping spree.

16. I enjoy writing lists. 🙂

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