The Muppets & Cravendale Milk TV Spot

The Muppets & Cravendale Milk TV Spot

This was an incredibly special and fun project to work on this year. I teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy along with Soapbox Films to edit this off the wall European TV spot. Starring The Muppets for Cravendale!

For those in North America, Cravendale is a major Milk Company in Europe. They are well know for their zany advertisements. Look up “Cats with Thumbs” on youtube to see what I mean.

Anyways before I jumped in I was able to sit in on set and see The Muppets in action. It was a real treat to see Kermit and my Favorite muppet “Pepe The King Prawn” in person.

Every take was a gem and it was really tough to edit this down to 20 seconds. We could have put together a dozen hilarious variations of this piece if we had the option.

In the end we were all happy with the end product and to top it off Tim Curry closed the piece with his amazing voice. Definitely a highlight project for me.

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