Le Chien Qui Rit: Laughing Lisette (Explore # 150)

Le Chien Qui Rit:   Laughing Lisette  (Explore # 150)

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Explore # 150, 8/2/09

Taken on my Western NC vacation. It’s so hard to get a good picture of my 10 yr. old standard poodle, Lisette, as she hates cameras and the sounds they make. I turn my sound off, but she just looks at the camera and cringes. This day she was so happy, it did not matter. I caught her laughing. Her collar and scarf are all in tatters from playing with our giant puppy, Jake.

Just thought of the title, from the cheese, La vache qui rit, see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Laughing_Cow. Don’t know why- it just seemed to fit the mood.

There actually was a funny red reflector marker, right on top of her head, (but actually in the garden behind her). I cloned some flowers in it’s place– not perfect- but I think an improvement. I also photoshopped out her leash. The original is posted in the comment below, as well as one pic of the black-eyed susan flowers I was photographing. I keep learning more about Photoshop and composition, day by day. I welcome all input so that I can keep learning more.

Taken 7/30/09, Uploaded 8/2/09, # 6155

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Posted by Louise Lindsay on 2009-08-02 16:16:51

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